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Water Purification Systems

"Select Analyst"" self contained mains water purification systems producing laboratory water equivalent to double distilled quality. Supplied complete with integral graduated reservoir, water quality indicator and installation kit, no electrical supply required. Units up to 500 litres per day capacity available.

Typical Water Quality:

Inorganics residue CA<0.005, NA<0.002, K<0.002, Si<0.02, PB<0.001 (all

Residual Solids <0.5 ppm.

Heavy Metals <0.0001 ppm

pH Neutral

Resistancy at 25°C 1-10m Ω cm

Bacteria + Pyrogens 99% Plus Rejection

TOC Typically < 50 ppb

Teknik Bilgiler
  • Ağırlık: 25 kg
  • Derinlik: 360 mm
  • Yükseklik: 575 mm
  • En: 350 mm
  • BS 3978
  • ISO 3696